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Manager community and allied health and senior speech pathologist, west wimmera health service, nhill, victoria, australia, 2. This water analysis handbook is a sampling of the products available for the water wastewater professionals. Hydration is a persistent challenge for patients who are npo. Dysphagia aspiration pneumonia thickened fluids quality of life free water protocol. May 12, 2008 the frazier water protocol is part of speech therapy.

Use of a modified frazier water protocol in critical illness. But there are a few basics to know before you use it. Implementing the free water protocol does not result in aspiration pneumonia in carefully selected patients with dysphagia. The frazier water protocol fwp allows residents with dysphagia free access to water with little to no incidence of aspiration pneumonia. It allows patients that are on a thicken consistent liquid, drink water. Patients exhibiting impulsivity or excessive coughing and discomfort will be restricted to water taken under supervision. The frazier free water protocol fwp, developed by the frazier rehabilitation institute panther, 2005, is an option available as part of dysphagia rehabilitation that allows patients with dysphagia who are on diet restrictions that include thickened liquids to also have regular water as part of their diet. A summary of relevant information is detailed below. Yale swallow protocol sa swallowing services, pllc. Web to pdf convert any web pages to highquality pdf files while retaining page layout, images, text and. With the free water protocol, patients would be able to have the refreshment of a glass of cold water, which research indicates carries less risk in terms of aspiration compared to other beverages with the free water protocol, speechlanguagepathologists can focus on improving oral hygiene to reduce the amount.

Pdf the frazier free water protocol semantic scholar. The original frazier free water protocol ffwp was developed for the adult stroke. Your nurse will make sure tha t your daily intake of. If the patient has respiratory precautions, then use water minimally, with the semifowler position and with extra precaution. For providers the free water protocol allows patients who are npo or on thickened liquids to have ice chips water between meals when following specific guidelines. There will be a purple dot on your wheelchair tag and a sign will be placed on your bedside table to remind all team members. Previously prohibited, oral intake of water became a major. Effects of a free water protocol for patients with dysphagia. Semantic scholar extracted view of the frazier free water protocol by kathy panther. Allowing free water may facilitate the reduction of dehydration. After several years of a conventional dysphagia program, fraziers swallowing management protocol changed dramatically.

However, i first want to refer you to the frazier free water protocol and the many references that state small amounts of po swallowed will not likely cause respiratory stress. Frazier free water protocol by asha or by special interest division. Our chief concern is swallowing safety to prevent pneumonia in the nursing facility resident. Mar 8, 2017 this pin was discovered by galina nisley. Per the protocol, patients who are npo or on a dysphagic diet may have water. Evidencebased information on free water protocol from hundreds of trustworthy sources for health and social care.

You must do mouth care during morning grooming, before and after meals and snacks, before drinking water, and during evening grooming. Recent studies have shown that small amounts of water does not. Offering patients foods or liquids with noted higher fluid content such as vegetables or pureed vegetables, jello or pudding, and fruits or pureed fruits. When your doctor orders a free water restriction, the hospital kitchen will not send you any beverages from the restricted fluids listed in the table below. Fluids via intravenously iv fluids via feeding tube. This therapy intervention visual is designed for therapists addressing f and. Free water protocol the original frazier free water protocol ffwp was developed for the adult stroke population with the. The handout describes the risks, benefits, and guidelines around the protocol and is appropriate for staff, patients, families, caregivers, and therapists. A speechlanguage pathologist will determine if a patient is a good candidate for the. There are other concerns you should consider, like the medications you are on. Free water protocol in nursing homes john ashford dysphagia.

For some people, this should not be used without working with a medical or naturopathic doctor. Free water is not permitted with meals or other oral intake. Sep 18, 2011 these considerations establish the context for studying the safety and benefits of introducing oral water intake to patients with thinliquid dysphagia in the form of a water protocol. Standards and reagents and instruments and supplies. First the pt is given mouth care and than they are allowed to drink water and water is premitted until the first bite of food then the pt goes back to thickened liquid. Discuss the current state of evidence and limitations for the free water protocol. Frazier water protocol the protocol rules patients must be assessed by the slp to determine if appropriate for the frazier water protocol. A controlled pilot study of a free water protocol was undertaken atriverview health centre, in winnipeg, manitoba to assess benefits, feasibility and possible complications of free water proto. Care facilities its implementation in health free water. Dysphagia is common among stroke and acquired brain injury abi patients and may result in aspiration. This handout describes the free water protocol, established in 1984 at the frazier rehab institute. Oropharyngeal dysphagia, free water protocol and quality. Water is therefore the safest fluid for the lungs to naturally absorb if it accidentally goes the wrong way during swallowing.

New directions in dysphagia speechlanguagepathologist. Free water protocol speech language pathology cleveland. To improve oral hydration in patients with dysphagia swallowing problems who must thicken all liquids to make it easier to follow feedingswallowing guidelines with thickened liquids. Identify multidisciplines involved in implementation of the free water protocol. Effects of a free water protocol on inpatients in a neuro. The search revealed 55 results, 9 of which were relevant to the clinical question. Effects of a free water protocol on inpatients in a neurological rehabilitation setting. Oropharyngeal dysphagia, free water protocol and quality of.

Literature search engines, such as pubmed, do not identify any research on a free water regimens or protocols. The frazier free water protocol perspectives on swallowing. Frazier rehab has implemented water protocol in 1984 water protocol is based on several assumptions. The handout i created had to include the associated risks with adopting the free water protocol.

Implementing the free water protocol does not result in. But, you may ask for these restricted beverages from your nurse or other unit staff. The free water protocol is not appropriate for all patients. Presented at the asha convention, chicago november 21, 2008. Pdf effects of a free water protocol on inpatients in a. A few months ago i was creating a handout on the free water protocol. Medications are not to be taken with water, as pills may be washed into the lungs. Adjust your water temperature so that your water is approximately the same temperature as your skin fill your netti pot with the warm ph 11. Additional products can be found in our two catalogs. Speech pathologists on fraziers dysphagia team became concerned by lack of compliance with patients on thickened liquids diets and resulting dehydration.

Nov 23, 2016 the frazier free water protocol was developed with the aim of providing patients with dysphagia an option to consume thin i. May 05, 2014 a few months ago i was creating a handout on the free water protocol. I am not advocating for or against the free water protocol. A water protocol is a set of guidelines that allows access to water for selected patients with thinliquid dysphagia in order to improve hydration and to provide. A controlled pilot study of a free water protocol was undertaken at riverview. While on the frazier free water protocol, you can expect the following things. Overall, we conclude that in people with good mobility and cognitive ability, there is no need to deviate from the frazier rehabilitation centre free water protocol. Nightingale university nightingale home healthcare. Water has a neutral ph, whereas other thin fluids such as coffee, tea, milk or juice do not.

Dehydration occurs when you use or lose more fluid than. Jan 17, 2016 use pdf download to do whatever you like with pdf files on the web and regain control. Oropharyngeal dysphagia, free water protocol and quality of life. An electronic search of the embase, cinahl and medline databases was completed up to july 2016. Dysphagia and free water protocol in paediatrics childrens health. The free water protocol offers a possible solution to the dilemma of keeping our patients safety and health top priority and adding to the quality of life and satisfaction at the same time. I wanted to make sure i understood the present research, so i read four.

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