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It has been an incredible year for the irishbred horse at the top level of eventing, with irish horses winning the three biggest fivestar events consecutively in 2019. Thorpeley irish draught and rare breed stud home facebook. Irish draught horse studbook stallion updates for 2017. Irish draught horse origin and characteristics karina. The irish draught horse society of nz is proud to present an informal evening with nz eventing super stars tim and jonelle price. History the 250 acre property came to be named icarus in the 1970s after the racehorse gay icarus who won the 1971 caulfield cup and was also australian horse of. Idshs irish draught and sport horse society australia. Being native to ireland, the species was initially bred for farm use, but it gradually became a popular breed for events such as horse racing, show jumping, and other equestrian events. The irish horse board developed in 1993 as a cooperative society, administering the stud books of the irish draught horse and irish sport horse as well as the irish horse register on the department of agricultures behalf. Equine influenza and tetanus vaccinations are a compulsory requirement for all horses registered with the irish draught horse society gb.

The irish draught horse developed as a working horse on irish farms with references to the breed dating as far back as the 18th century. Sire is an approved irish draught through sport accomplishment excellence, as he is half kwpn and tb. Born in 1996, oisin is by glidawn diamond rid out of ballyard katie rid. Benmars bridon belfrey, rid flaunts traditional irish draught qualities and sleek, old world beauty. A branch of this society emerged in great britain by 1979. Table 2 irish draught mares that achieved class 1 bronze merit status at the 2011 irish draught horse studbook mare inspections. The main studbook is for purebred irish draught horses, which must meet. The role of the society is to promote and preserve irish draughts and irish sport horses in australia. For a breed that has less than 3000 horses registered, the registered irish draught seems to have made a sizeable impact in performance worldwide. Adsagsona farm home of kec double diamond, rid stallion.

We stand three stallions, one purebred irish draught we imported from ireland, and two irish sport horse we bred ourselves in australia. Explore horses for sale in the worlds largest horse classifieds marketplace with over horse listings. Breeds of livestock irish draught breeds of livestock. In 1976, the irish draught horse society was formed. The irish horse gateway is not responsible for the contents or reliability of any other websites to which we provide a. There is also a supplementary section in the horse sport ireland studbook in order to recognise horses which may be primarily registered as irish. The irish draught and sport horse society of australia society home search page online stud book. Irish sport horse sales is a family run business at flowerhill equestrian centre in co.

Sections of the irish draught studbook there are two sections in the irish draught horse studbook, i the main section and ii. Fantastic stud opportunity for someone wanting to breed top quality pure draughts or to breed competition prospects. Their combination of temperament and strength has made them a popular horse for crossbreeding programs with warmblood horses and thoroughbreds to produce. Find irish draught stallions at stud with our online stallion directory. The irish draught horse society was formed in 1976 and the irish draught is today valued for producing competition horses and hunters. The irish draught horse was created by crossing the thoroughbred with irish mares and was used for agricultural work.

In recent generations there has been an infusion of continental warmblood wb breeds and there is now a considerable amount of crossbreeding with these breeds in the irish sport horse studbook. Irish horse breeding and the irish draught horse, 19171978. To advance and promote the breeding of a sport horse ideally suited to australian conditions from irish draught and irish sport horse crosses. The stud specialises in breeding show and performance irish draughts and also offers an excellent choice of resident top class stallions, in addition to the busy ai centre which caters for clients wishing to use outside stallions available by chilled or frozen semen. Due to the small size of farm holdings in ireland at the time most farmers could not afford to keep more than one horse and as a result irish breeders developed an adaptable draught horse capable of carrying out all of the work on the farm as well as being. If your horse is inspected, passes and is registered into the irish draught studbook register, heshe may be branded with the societys shamrock flank brand and bar underneath. Order stallion for stud ads cart my ads new seller sign up. Eyreleigh stud won the irish horse societys 20072008 breeder of the year award. To this end, the society keeps a stud book and a register.

In 1917 an irish draught stud book was created and 44 stallions were registered. Pedigree of heigh ho dubh idshsaus online stud book. About the irish draught and sport horse society of. Irish draught irish sport horse studbook registration. The irish draught horse is a strong, durable horse that has athletic tendencies and a calm disposition. The irish draught horse by the end of the nineteenth century there were at least two well developed types of horses in ireland that were not assignable to any of the breeds already recognized and possessing stud book societies in britain. The irish draught horse breeds, preservation and history. Members receive three newsletters a year to advise them of upcoming events, inspection and. Minister urged to hand over draught horse stud book. In 1917, the department of agriculture created what they called a scheme to establish a book for horses of the irish draught type. Both purebreds and partbreds alike are known for their performance superiority, intelligence, soundness and stamina.

Irish draught horse studbook table 1 irish draught mares. Bridon irish draught horses and sporthorses breeders. The irish draught and sport horse society of australia inc. The irish sport horse studbook finished third overall at the wbfsh world breeding eventing championships at le lion dangers in france at the weekend. The irish draught horse is the national horse breed of ireland which developed primarily for. Photographs of the horse showing the markings on both sides and front and back. With the exception of weatherbys, which maintains the thoroughbred stud book, i believe the irish draught horse stud book is the only stud book for any species in ireland that is not held by. Professional inquires contact owner, who will refer you to her trainer in florida. It took many hours of work by breed enthusiasts and the irish horse board to get a new stud book started. For those who do not know whether your horse is eligible for inspection for the irish draught studbook, the requirements are as follows. The irish horse register stallion book is available to download as a series of pdf. Eyreleigh sport horse stud the irish draught horse society.

Purebred, class 1, bronze merit, irish draught mare horse id. Thorpeley irish draught and rare breed stud is based in leicestershire and stands 6 outstanding. Thorpeley irish draught and rare breed stud, market harborough. Irish draughts are often used for crossing with other breeder to produce all types of leisure and performance horses. They found that hundreds of irish draughts were going to the slaughter houses each week and that there were very few left. Exciting new talent was highlighted in both age categories, with a total of 99 horses representing a range of studbooks. Ad horse equestrian network ad horse uk coloured contacts equine classified horseboxes and trailers stallions online search. A stunning example of a true irish draught, with temperament to match. Benmar is a small irish draught horse stud farm dedicated to preserving the highest quality type, bone and athleticism of the irish draught breed. The walsh family has been producing quality irish sport horses from their very own irish draught brood mares over generations. Compliance with this rule is essential in order to bring your horse forward for inspection, or to show your horse at our affiliated shows. Seasonal fox hunter in ireland this foal has all of the ingredients to be a top level. It is advised that the forelock and tail should be braided up or otherwise kept from obscuring the view of the markings.

Passports transfers, registrations and duplicates idhs gb. The irish draught horse originated in 18th century ireland, when irish farmers could only afford to keep a single horse on a small tract of land. The first two vaccinations must be 21 92 days apart, with a. The role of the society is to promote and preserve the irish draught and sport horse in australia. We also produce versatile and athletic irish draught sport horses that are as beautiful as they are functional. Moxy is a fantastic black bay tobiano filly out of a big fancy well bred purebred irish draught rid approved 17. The most coveted registry level for an irish draught. Now the irish draught stallion is being used more and more to get extra bone and. Balinmore stud was established to help preserve and promote the irish draught breed. Established in 1993, the idhsna is dedicated to fostering an appreciation and understanding of the irish draught horse and the irish draught sport horse.

The main composite breeds of the irish sport horse are the irish draught horse and the thoroughbred. Irishbred horses win the big three with last weeks triumph at burghley 2019. Irish sport horse studbook third in world eventing young. Benmar is a small irish draught horse stud farm dedicated to preserving quality type, bone and athleticism of the irish draught horse breed. The role of the society is to promote and preserve the irish draught and irish sport horse in australia.

To establish and maintain stud books and registers as defined from time to time to record the identity, parentage and performances of irish draught horses and irish sport horses. This exciting young stallion passed his inspections at the 2005 irish draught horse society national show and has fully earned his registered irish draught stallion status. Breeding policy for the irish draught horse studbook 2010. Horse sport ireland launched a new breeding policy for the irish draught horse studbook in march. Into this book, 375 approved mares and 44 stallions were entered. Both parents have been registry inspection approved for breeding.

Purebred colts and stallions that fail rid inspection for the irish draught horse stud book. The irish draught horse is a foundation breed that, when crossed with other breeds, will produce all types of leisure and performance horses. Adsagsona farm is the home of registered irish draught class 1 id stallion, k. Each stallion has their own page, with all of their information, including the stud contact details. Traditionally, the draught was the farm horse in ireland and it also had to be capable of being used as hunter and. Irish draught and irish sport horse breeder benmar farm. The registered irish draught horse is the foundation breed for such equine athletes. Irish draught horse info, origin, history, pictures. A history then is a book that lovers of horses and history will both find engrossing and captivating. The irish draught, which remains the only breed recruited by the garda for service, has a proven reputation as a talented national allround competition horse a well as a hunter and leisure mount. The stud was accorded this honour for the promotion of the purebred irish horse. Studbook and inspections irish draught horse breeders association.

In recent generations there has been an infusion of. Irish sport horse studbook stallion book 2020 irish draught horse. The irish draught horse is considered to be one of the strongest and toughest horse breeds in the entire world. Kalimna irish sport horse stud 245 avondale rd, tarpeena, south australia 5277 rated 4. Purebred colts and stallions that fail rid inspection for the irish draught horse stud book are ineligible for any registration with idshs aust inc. The irish draught and sport horse society aust inc. Horse sport ireland and idhs gb main studbook registration rules. Rid not irish sport horse approved book irish draught. Irish draught horse society of north america idhsna.

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