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We have created these notes by hiring some of the best minds in the physics academia. Sound waves physics class 12 online buying and selling study. Physics notes for class 12 pdf free download ncert books. Our free reference resources include interactive simulations enhancing visual understanding, concept maps, previous years solved. Wave optics describes the connection between waves and rays of light. We have highquality and well curated cbse class 12 physics notes that are readily available for downloading. Motion of a particle along the circumference of a circle is called circular motion. Hence our ncert physics class 12 notes pdf can be downloaded to reap these excellent benefits. Waves that require a medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves or elastic waves. The speed of light in a medium depends upon the nature of medium. Semat, henry and katz, robert, physics, chapter 20. There is no sound in space theyll probably throw you out of the theater for causing a disturbance i. For a nice illustration of the motion of particles in a water wave, take a.

A wave is the disturbance produce in the medium from an equilibrium condition which travels with the finite velocity in the region of space. The electromagnetism, optics, waves and the thumb rules often confuse a student. Physics notes class 12 pdf r k maliks newton classes. The document covers class 12 physics notes on sound waves containing top concepts like wave motion, mechanical wave motion, progressive wave. Letters indi cate sets of points with the same phase. Newtons laws of motion allen physics particle kinematics allen physics practical physics allen physics rotational motion allen physics temperature scales allen physics wave theory allen physics work energy allen physics this website is created solely for jee aspirants to download pdf, ebooks, study materials for free. Wave and motion grade 12 physics notes khullakitab. According to wave theory of light, the light is a form of energy which travels through a medium in the form of transverse wave motion. Notes physics subject of hsc 12th class of maharashtra board. Download physics notes for class 12 chapterwise in pdf. Wave motion transfers energy from one point to another, which may or may not displace particles of the medium. Due to the vibration of the particles at their own position caused externally or internally, the. When two or more waves traverse the same medium, the displacement of any. This lecture is from mullers new book physics and technology for future presidents.

That is, two traveling waves can pass through each other without being destroyed or even altered. In the previous chapter, we studied the motion of objects. A sinusoidal wave of frequency 500 hz has a speed of 350 ms. The general equation of simple harmonic motion was given in chapter.

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